Design and Implementation of DC Nano Grid



Energy is one of the essential components for development and in reducing poverty. The challenges in Ethiopia are common in many other countries in Africa; few households have access to modern energy (including electricity). On the other hand Ethiopia has been blessed with an abundance of renewable resources such as hydro, wind and solar.

Even though Ethiopia generates most of its electricity from renewable energy, mainly from hydropower it is not possible to interconnect all rural area in order to deliver electricity. The main solution for this problem is to use solar photovoltaic PV system to residential for lighting, charging and other purposes.  Here again we face to another problems. Since every individual cannot afford installing this system, we have to focus to another solution.

Generally electrical grid is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers. Even though the main grid is AC grid, by the same scenario we can design DC small scaled grid called DC Nano grid.

This project is designed to address the challenge:

 What if few people can afford the solar panels and others cannot?

Therefore we design a DC grid in order to share powers for each individual who cannot afford. These systems include DC sources (PV system), dc to dc converter (voltage regulator) battery charge controller, battery, system protection, energy meter and others.